String theory: the world like a Celtic harp

5 thoughts on “String theory: the world like a Celtic harp

  1. What an interesting and inspirational read! Food for thought, indeed. I hope to hear more of this in the future. Thanks for this, Tristan!

    • It is, because raising the pitch would have so many consequences. There has been a discussion going on in favour of lowering the pitch to 432Hz. They say the lower frequency is warmer and clearer, more appealing to the emotional experience of music in the brain and the body, in contrast to 440, which is “harder” and appeals to the rational. The lower pitch is also less likely to cause hearing damage.
      Raising the pitch further, what would we experience as musicians, and would the effects be physically and emotionally- what new technical doors would open and what effects would become available for expression?
      Very interesting. Keep me posted!

  2. This is an amazing discovery – and so good that it happened on 1st of April People will be foolish not to take note of this great discovery.

    Here at Living Tradition we have discovered and are working on ‘The Celtic Gene’ but it may take another whole year before we are ready to publish.

    • Hi Pete,
      I look forward to read your article on the Celtic Gene. Another great discovery I suppose.

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