Harp Therapy – part 1

3 thoughts on “Harp Therapy – part 1

  1. Thank you for sharing this Anouk, from now on, step by step, I experience this to…. going in a a few nursery homes to play for the people there… each time I learn a lot from them, so, also for myself, it’s really interesting, and it touches me very deeply when I see how affected these people are by the music!

    For myself: I feel “changed” by all of it… let’s say: I reconsider so much things, that were important before…. It’s really an amazing job to do! Every time, I look forward to go back to these places! Just come home from a session now…. Again, one lady with dementia, reacted with being really calm and peaceful, and the staff said, that she normally stays in her room and never want to leave it, because being afraid, anxious, agitated by all what happens around her… but she was there, in a group of about 20 people, listening, staying totally calm and relaxed, and didn’t want to go back to her room! The staff didn’t understand this change, they were really surprised that this music can do this…..

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