Concert Carhaix

A Celtic harp event, Carhaix

It was a year ago ! On the 11th October 2015, at the Espace Glenmor in Carhaix, more than four hundred people came to celebrate the official launch of the Breton Harp Anthology (Antologiezh Telenn Breizh). Among them, twenty-two contributors to the anthology came (in alphabetical order): Nolwenn Arzel, Anne Auffret, Hoëla Barbedette, Dimitri Boekhoorn, Dominig Bouchaud, Nikolaz Cadoret, Jakez François, Muriel Isambert, Florence Jamain, Soazig Kermabon, Tristan Le Govic, Françoise Le Visage, Mael Lhopiteau, Cristine Mérienne, Pierre Nicolas, Soazig Noblet, Nolwenn Philippe, Anne Postic, Gwenola Roparzh, Clotilde Trouillaud, Quentin Vestur and Marie Wambergue.


Collectif arp

Collectif ARP

The Collectif ARP was created a year ago by Clotilde Trouillaud, Cristine Mérienne, Alice Soria-Cadoret and Nikolaz Cadoret. It was built on a simple idea, to develop their harp activities together. Tristan Le Govic joined them a few months later and Nathalie D’Alcantara, Jean-Yves Cadoret and Philippe Dos accompany them in their projects.


Breton Harp Anthology

The Breton Harp Anthology

The Breton harp anthology, Antologiezh Telenn Breizh, is out. This is a unique collection of three music books dedicated to the Celtic harp featuring the best harpists in Brittany (in alphabetical order): Nolwenn Arzel, Anne Auffret, Hoëla Barbedette, Brigitte Baronnet, Yann Bertrand, Dimitri Boekhoorn, Dominig Bouchaud, Aurore Breger, Nikolaz Cadoret, Grégory Cappoen, Georges Cochevelou, Jakez François, Armelle Gourlaouën, Muriel Isambert, Florence Jamain, Gwenael Kerleo, Soazig Kermabon, Mariannig Larc'hantec, Tristan Le Govic, Anne Le Signor, Françoise Le Visage, Mael Lhopiteau, Cristine Mérienne, Martine Millet, Myrdhin, Pierre Nicolas, Soazig Noblet, Kristen Noguès, Nolwenn Philippe, Anne Postic, Hervé Quefféléant, Pol Quefféléant, Gwenola Roparzh, Alan Stivell, Vinciane Tronson, Clotilde Trouillaud, Quentin Vestur and Marie Wambergue.


Dasson an Delenn

Dasson an Delenn

Dasson an DelennThe launch of a new Celtic harp competition by Camac harps was announced at the end of last year on Harpblog. Once again, it has not only created the sensation in the harp world but it will also sustain the excellent level reached by the young musicians. The competition will take place in a very symbolic venue in the heart of Brittany: Pontivy, a very well known city for having hosted another Celtic harp competition for many years within the prestigious Kan ar Bobl. The first edition of Dasson an Delenn (The Resonance of the harp) will be held on the 23rd and 24th of May at the Conservatoire of Music and Dance of Pontivy.



Harp Therapy – part 1

Last September, a brief article published in the Daily Mail entitled “Natural Painkillers” echoed the interesting results of an American study saying that music, harp music in particular, can reduce pain in patients undergoing treatment. It is not rare that such studies show the impact of music in that matter. The results are such that some hospitals have now a harp therapist among their staff, and programs, such as the International Harp Therapy Program, have been set up in many countries. As an introduction to the subject, we asked the harp therapist Anouk Platenkamp to tell us what a day playing the harp in hospital is like.



Instrumental Technique 9: Questions & Answers – part 3

For this last part of Questions and Answers, we will touch on which are some common physical problems that musicians and harpists experience; why we have not spoken at length about arms and hands, and a brief return to the core, or centre.


Maeve Gilchrist

Maeve Gilchrist – Connecting music

Originally from Scotland, clàrsach in hand, Maeve Gilchrist has moved to the United States where she has developed a unique sound between Celtic, jazz and experimental music. The release of her new album, 20 Chandler Street, gives us the opportunity to come back to the unusual career of one of today's most talented harpists.